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When my daughter was in the NICU diagnosed with severe jaundice, a surge nurse went out of her way and cared for us during this difficult time. The care, professionalism and dedication from this nurse has inspired me to become a nurse myself. This led me to the start of my journey in nursing, beginning with Enrolled Nursing at IHNA Paramatta. During the beginning of my first semester, i was prepared and excited, although my training felt at times unorganized and communication was not clear. This led me to become stressed and anxious. Toward the end of the semester one and into semester two, life at IHNA started to improve. I had a qualified and experienced teacher, Ritchelle Enqriquez who went out of her way to help me learn and understand what I was doing and why. She really went that extra mile to teach me how to write academic writing and taught me on a step by step basis, and she showed me to be confident in everything I do. Through semester two and three IHNA started to feel more like a family with Michelle Tolentino and Ross Pancho joining the team as our educators. The study became more structured and organized. Michelle really put the extra effort in as educator with exams to assess our level of knowledge and extra support through my third placement. I felt I could continue and become a qualified nurse and this is when I started considering becoming a nurse educator one day. Michelle Tolentino then was named our course co-ordinator in semester four, which I believe was one of the best things IHNA did. This brought with it Easter parties, Anzac day celebrations, sports days and encouraged all of the classes to start talking and building relationships outside of their specific classes which improved the culture of the school. The communication was opened with all educators and staff. This encouraged team work and created a friendly and effective environment. During semester four we became a family and a new teacher joined our class Jordana Tamayo; a one-of-a-kind-teacher who puts in the extra effort to build content for students who will understand and are able to enjoy learning. This approach boosts student confidence in a dedicated and professional manner. In the last two years at IHNA Parramatta I have made friends who have become family. With this step by step guidance by the experienced and knowledgeable educators and friendly assistance of all staff at IHNA, I feel this school has offered me the best opportunity to develop my skills as a nurse. The facilities are continually improving and the support I have acquired is unlike any other school. I can positively say that all I understand about nursing is because of the support and teaching this school has provided me over the years. Thank you to all the staff at IHNA Parramatta.

Ashley Hartnett

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Any Questions?

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