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A global provider of quality vocational education and training for the healthcare sector to achieve industry 4.0 goals.
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Enhancing Lives through Education, Training and Technology

Jobs are the primary source of wealth that sustains individuals and families; the building blocks of society. Creating a supportive organisation entails an emphasis on staff training and development, family support, career growth and the provision of lifelong opportunities for career progression through organisational growth.

The provision of quality educational outcomes is also fundamental to supporting the personal and career development of students and graduates. The world is increasingly globalised and interconnected; thus, education must transcend borders and address changes in students’ needs in response to global trends as well as local developments. Linking and partnering with educational institutions and organisations that share HCI’s global aspirations and are aligned with this philosophy is key to making that mission a reality. That same philosophy is manifest in HCI’s core values: Innovation, Caring and Excellence.

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Institute of Health and Nursing Australia


We push the boundaries of our practice because innovation is the only approach to enable quality education and meaningful careers in health. This means adapting to a global world and having an open mindset to use new technologies and apply them effectively and meaningfully.
Institute of Health and Nursing Australia


We care deeply about human experiences and improving lives. It’s our mandate to provide ongoing, lasting relationships with students and employees. Once you join the organisation you are a member of the community and we have a stake in your future.
Institute of Health and Nursing Australia


We strive continually to improve the experience we provide and raise the standards of our industry in the pursuit of excellence. We work collaboratively with people in our ecosystem so that more opportunities can be shared for all.
Nursing College in Australia

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We are the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia (IHNA), a healthcare training provider born out of the desire to create jobs and improve people’s lives. Since 2007 we’ve been dedicated to giving the best learning experience to over 17,500 students for a satisfying career in nursing, health, and community services.

We’re eager to share our deep and relevant expertise of the industry with students like you so that you can gain from our knowledge and apply it directly to your growth. We’re particularly proud of the laboratories and facilities we have in our campuses across Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. They’re equipped with modern technologies to simulate real scenarios.

Our passion for caring stems from healthcare, but it translates to how we approach student welfare, administrative, and educational support. You will also find that IHNA goes the extra mile to ensure that your experience is positive from start to finish. Our support extends to providing research opportunities for you to push the boundaries of the healthcare industry. We have further study available as postgraduate courses through our partner organisations.

Ultimately, we’re healthcare experts and trainers dedicated to career-focused learning and real-life outcomes so that more people can live better lives working in healthcare.

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Welcome to the Institute of Health and Nursing Australia (IHNA), the home of healthcare training. Our focus is firmly on the development and delivery of the best learning experience for a successful and satisfying career in nursing, health, and community services. Since 2007 we’ve proudly maintained deep and relevant expertise in this industry, which helps us create a career-focused and practical approach to learning at our campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

IHNA is one of three organisations alongside the Institute of Health and Management (IHM) and EduSystems that belong to Health Careers International (HCI), a group that is committed to quality health education. Each organisation has a unique and complementary role that creates opportunities for collaboration.

IHM is where we provide opportunities for further studies by taking higher education courses in nursing, nursing specialisations, and management. EduSystems is our technology division that develops innovative online applications and enterprise systems.

Being part of HCI Group allows us to provide facilities and laboratories with the latest technology for simulations and enhanced practical learning during your time at IHNA. Our support extends to providing vocational opportunities for students to directly lead into a career that supports the growing needs of the industry.

I hope you join us at IHNA and enjoy a successful future in healthcare.


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HCI acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.
We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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