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Accredited Courses in Competency and Skill Sets.

Explore our comprehensive range of accredited courses featuring Units of Competency and Skill Sets. Elevate your skills with precision training designed for industry relevance. Navigate your career path with confidence through targeted competence and flexible upskilling options. IHNA - Empowering your professional journey.

Skill Sets

You want to gain more skills to meet the current industry needs without having to pause your current life commitments?
Skill Set is the answer!

A Skill set is single unit of competency or a combination of units of competency from the Vocational education and training package which link to a licensing or regulatory requirement, or a defined industry need. Skill sets enable performance of job tasks or functions.

By comparison, whole qualifications produce learning outcomes that enable performance of a whole VET occupation. Skill sets have become recognised as an important short form of training for the modern world of work.

They are seen to have a variety of purposes, including upskilling, compliance, and licensing, meeting a defined industry need and as an entry pathway to further training. Skill sets and other forms of short course training also facilitate lifelong learning including upskilling and reskilling and in terms of meeting the skilling needs of industry.

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