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Strategic Plan


IHNA’s strategy is built around five themes towards which every employee contributes. To ensure steady growth and to be successful as an organization, IHNA has set clear expectations and results related to its purpose and performance. IHNA continuously rethinks and reshapes its strategy on an ongoing basis.

Business Growth

  • Ensure focus on the right things that utilizes its strengths and core capabilities,
  • Predict the changing trends that will impact its effectiveness of the current and into the future
  • Adapt to the needs of a changing world
  • Find opportunities for growth and sustainability
  • Establish a long term but flexible vision
  • Provide a framework for innovation and effective operational and strategic decision making
  • Ensure that all staff and other key stakeholders know and are committed to the strategic directions of the organization.


IHNA has confirmed plans for the delivery of qualifications offshore through a physical presence or partnerships with foreign education providers.

IHNA upholds the National Strategy for International Education 2025 initiatives and the organizational strategies are designed to deliver benefits and opportunities for students, for Australia and for the world. Students will benefit from high-quality education, supported by effective industry links and student services. Australia will benefit from increased market share, connection with new and emerging markets, and stronger international relationships. The world will benefit from industry-ready graduates and increased capacity in education and research. Further we also support the fact that, HCI’s innovation will capitalise on our in-house technological advances to meet the needs of students and provide them with the skills needed by tomorrow’s industries. New markets and partnerships will support delivery of Australian education across the globe. Most importantly, we will continue our commitment to the quality that is the essential foundation for all of these efforts.

Operational Excellence

IHNA will ensure quality training and assessment within the organisation and scope of registration. Indicators of quality practice are embedded in four elements. The four elements are defined by indicators that describe quality practice across diverse learning and assessment strategies, including face to face, workplace-based, blended and online models.

IHNA emphasises on some essential elements that would ensure quality and the accompanying risk indicators to achieve excellence:

  • Identify current capability in quality teaching and learning provision;
  • Identify areas within the organisation that may require improvement;
  • Identify workforce capability and/or capacity gaps;
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Financial sustainability

At IHNA we believe that implementation of an improvement agenda is essential to systematically monitor operations and improve outcomes that align with the strategy. Our improvement process should is continuous and proactive and is based on the collection of a range of appropriate data including internal records of student progress, trainer performance and development and industry feedback etc. One of the improvement strategies is to make sure that the plans are implemented effectively and they actually lead to change. Another is to ensure that Trainers and other staff see themselves as part of the change rather than spectators of change. IHNA believes that direct involvement of the management team(s) throughout the organisation can strongly influence the success of planning and change initiatives.

Customer Service Excellence

Provide educational experiences to exceed the expectations of our students delivered in a caring and nurturing student focused environment. IHNA has a history of successfully educating and transitioning students from diverse backgrounds into the healthcare workforce.

  • Deliver educational experiences that exceed the expectations of our students in a caring, equitable and student-focused environment.
  • Facilitate a collaborative learning environment and programs that prepare students for employment and further education.
  • Recognise and celebrate the diversity of our students, and provide a supported and nurturing learning environment.


  • Broaden IHNA’s offering by introducing more programs into scope.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Build enduring partnerships that engage industry in course design and delivery, and engage employers to open employment pathways and prepare our students for work.
  • Offer contextualised programs that meet the current and future needs of the healthcare industry.
  • Extend the number of Learning Hub partnerships to offer training delivery utilising existing education facilities and staff in the workplace.


  • Innovate, and be forward thinking in the design and delivery of our programs and services.
  • Implement new learning methods in the delivery of programs such as virtualisation, clinical practice and gamification techniques to increase engagement and raise the standard of completion for students.
  • Automate education management processes to meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

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Any Questions?

If you would like to know more about this intake, feel free to contact us any time.